Monday, November 12, 2012

October in a nutshell (and 27 pics)

Guess what we got back??????? A million or so pics of my precious cargo!

On a side note, yet related subject, I'd like to get into the business of saving people's pictures from crashed hard drives (or hardrives that belong to parents that don't back up their pics before their 2 year olds spill water on said hard drive). MONEY MAKER!!!!

Back to October and Pumpkins and costumes...

First there was the fourth anniversary of my 29th birthday. I chose the Pumpkin Patch for my birthday. I don't know what's wrong with me. Its not like we hadn't been to one. Or didn't have plans to go back to this one.

Tammy came!!!!

And Max found a pumpkin as big as him

And there was a horse swing

Two horse swings, actually

And they rode the cow train alone. They are so big! Two years ago I rode with Rylan. Then last year I rode with Max. This year, they said "peace out, ma!"

What I would do for someone to bring a hay maze into my home. Max would be busy for days.

A stab at a family photo. I've mentioned before that some of the best advice I got from another mom was that sometimes you have to sacrifice your kids in pics if you look okay. 

Oh, sure, he'll smile for this pic

And then......the next weekend, we went back to the same Pumpkin Patch for Lily! She's awesomely born on Halloween.


At least the birthday girl is looking


And then, it was Halloween. I'm smart so I scheduled Max's 2 year appointment for directly after speech therapy, but before a playgroup party. Jeez, I'm real awesome.

So my kids went to therapy and a two year checkup dressed like the Hulk and Mickey Mouse. And they were a hit. Because I'm really stupid and like to just wear us all out, we added trick or treating at Daddy's work and a church carnival into the day!!!! 

The playdate was at Michelle's house

Starbucks coffee and a red solo cup

Let's talk about the food, look how handy and awesome my mommy friends were when they got ready for the party......

And then look how awesome and fancy I got in my preparation........
Chips, salsa, and oreos (and that's store bought salsa that I put in a bowl at Michelle's house. A bowl that I took out of her clean dish rack!!! I rock!)

I think their outfits turned out awesome, love those cuties

We went to a carnival at the church we go to MOPS at. We aren't Missionary Baptist, but we can pretend to be if it means we get awesome  Halloween  Fall Carnivals out of it!!!!


Another train!!!

And then, all of Max's wildest dreams came true. "Horse. Neigh. Horse. Neigh. Horse. Neigh"  That's what Rob said Max chanted the entire ride.


  1. Ummm, you know what Ryan does for a living, right? Just last week, he brought my step-dad's PC back to life. And he's FREE.

    Love all the pics!

    And thanks, by the way, for leaving the chips and salsa (jarred or not - it was gooood!) at my house. What's funny is that after you left, I was all, "Oh, no. Sara forgot her bowl!" Ryan's the one who let me know it was mine.

  2. Yeah, I totally just made myself at home and took a bowl out of your strainer.

    And, Rob does that for a living too.....he tried all his tricks and tried extra tricks that he had never tried. None worked.

    Apparently our hard drive is a slutty prostitute and puts out to the tune of $950