Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Cuteness

Last weekend we went to the pumpkin patch. Total fun all around. Plus we got in with our awesome buy one, get one free Groupon, so it was an even more awesome event. Rylan loves a good pumpkin. And a field full of them, HEAVEN.

A nice family portrait. Sorry I'm wearing workout clothes. My clothes still don't fit quite yet and maternity clothes are falling off, so I always look like I might do some step aerobics if given the chance. Nobody's looking at me anyway, you're looking at Cute and Cutie sitting on our laps.
"Birthday ideas?"
Okay, funny story. In order to make Rylan smile for pictures, Rob and I often act like we are getting hurt. Its sad that this makes our son laugh, but it does. So everytime we want to take a pic, we pretend we trip, or push each other, or something. So Rob and I are about 20 feet away from Rylan and tripping over nothing, and yelling "OW!" so he'll smile, and a worker came up and said "is everything alright? You guys seem to be having trouble." Oops.

I fell in love with this goat, he was just hanging out with his head between the fence. The goat behind him? Asleep standing up. Wonder if he has a baby named Max too.
Fun in the slide
"I want them all!!!!!!!!!"

This is what Max was up to the whole time.
Getting a lift from Dad (or "mama" as Rylan calls him)
And, what pumpkin patch is complete without pig races?
And a cow train
Maybe when I was discharged from the hospital after having Max, the doctor should have specified that I shouldn't get into a hollowed out barrel pulled by a tractor with a 35 pound boy on my lap and go bumping through a pumpkin field a mere 3 weeks post-op. Not one of my smarter moments.

Then, on Halloween, we headed over to Rylan's friend, Lily's house for her birthday and Halloween festivities. Here are some pics of our little dressed up cuties. It really is a better world when Elmo and Sheriff Woody come together.


  1. Cute cute little boys!!! Oh and this is embarrasing, but I'm still wearing workout clothes the majority of the time because only one pair of pre-preg jeans fits. Maybe it's time I should fix that....:)

  2. Two absolutely precious boys indeed.
    Next time I need a good laugh, will you and Rob fake trip for me too??