Thursday, August 2, 2012

June Recap Part Deux....Devin's wedding

June 30th, our niece, Devin, got married. I didn't even know that Bella Vista had a glass chapel, but they do and its beautiful. There is a pretty little walk from the parking lot, so the chapel is surrounded by woods. Devin looked beautiful and happy and she and her new husband, Cody had a lovely day.

Rylan looking "dapper."

 Dapper Max

Ry and his cousin, Wil (bro of the bride and usher at the wedding). So sweet

 The bride's little sis, Marley doing her bridesmaid duties

Grandpa walking Devin down the aisle

Isn't it pretty?

Can I just add that when I started dating Rob, Devin was 13 and it is totally wrong that she is old enough to be married.

Ry made pals with the flower girls and together they lusted after the cake

Everything went great. That is until this crazy 3 year old dropped his pants and peed at the reception. Luckily the reception was on the porch of a bar and not that many people were on the porch. Unlucky? It was OUR 3 year old. 

Congratulations, Devin and Cody! We love you!

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