Sunday, July 22, 2012 a nutshell. Part I

We ran around like 4 monkeys in June. We went to a family reunion, 2 weddings, I worked twice as much as usual, Rob had a birthday AND Father's Day, and Max got 2 molars. Whew. So, I barely blogged.  And, lets be honest, sometimes I barely took pics. But there are a few that need to be seen. 

Father's Day

I cropped these pics and made Rob a three part frame for Father's Day. My children were nuts for these pics, but slight less nuts as usual because they were tired from just waking up. Which explains Ry's sleepy eyes, and Max's slight Donald Trump hair-do. As my niece Zoe tells her brother "you get what you get and you don't have a fit."

The last pic, where they are supposed to both hold the DADDY pic gave me some awesome shots that are not meant for a framed gift, but totally meant for a chuckle. Enjoy.
Wait! Max look at the camera, Rylan, sign down, shirt down!!!!
Awwww blurry love
And, it goes downhill
Power of the pacey. Calm baby toddler, which causes calm big toddler. Its magical. I hate how magical it is.
"Here bro, let me pick your nose for you."
Getting bored with it
Max "let's see if we can make mom completely batshit crazy today. We were SO close yesterday." Rylan : "done!, she doesn't even know I left all the lids off my markers yet! And I didn't flush the toilet, you should totally go in the bathroom when she's uploading these pics."
Ummmmm. Dunno.
Max, do you have a question?
ANOTHER question?
Okay, we went too far, she's gone nuts. Like this mom? You want me to hold him like this? You aren't going to put my movies on top shelf time out are you? 

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  1. LOL Very cute idea! I had the same one, but didn't get mine executed and kinda forgot to even tell David or my own dad Happy Fathers Day because we were in Florida. UGH! Good job and two thumbs up for you for even trying! ;)