Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jax turns two

I have trouble writing that title. The reason why, is that my friend, Jacki, had Jax six weeks before Max was born. As in, in six weeks MaxRo is going to be 2. I have no idea how that happened.

Jax is a deliciously precious kid, that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Last year at this time, Jacki had some babysitter issues and we took Jax for a day or two a week. He slept in the morning and my kids slept in the afternoon and so he and I got to bond in our afternoons. He's my friend. And now he's two and he's really smiley about it. He had a kick awesome party at the Wonder Place.

Max was a safari guy


There was produce shopping

Max took over as cashier

Ry helped

Evil Knieval strikes again

Drumming with friends, always scary to have drumsticks in Max's hand
Max's new friend, Addi, sees a camera

"Hiya Dada!"

"Hi Max's dada!"

Rylan and Chloe made a very serious cake
Side note, Chloe's mama and I went to nursing school together and lived together during our first few years as nurses. We were trouble. Fun trouble. Like dancing at the Electric Cowboy trouble. Now we're both mamas talking breastfeeding and sleep schedules and preschool curriculum and my how times have changed.

Finishing touches

Then there was a potluck of sorts

Max's train. He was obsessed

Obsessed I tell you

And, finally, the much awaited cupcakes appear. That's Jax on the left with the cape. Lurve him.

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