Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Call TLC, I need a show

And no, I don't want to guest star on that Honey Boo Boo sack of redneck crazy. (Fascinating though, just fascinating). I'm thinking a Sorta Extreme Couponing show. I am not truly worthy of making it on a couponing show, as I actually paid for most of the items shown, and on Extreme Couponing you aren't cool unless the store pays YOU to walk out with their shiz, but this is a $hitload of groceries for $96, right!!!!

 Here, let me get you a better shot!!!!! ****

And for anyone that is scared because I recently said that I am gung ho to lose some major poundage, and thinks I'll be shoving all those Sponge Bob Square Pants fruit snacks in my pie hole, no fear, I gladly tuck into the Fiber One bars shown in back and the Carbmaster yogurt (only 60 calories, my friends, SIXTY!) and leave the high fructose corn syrup to the ones that I love dearly. But, seriously, I sometimes get sick when I see those shows because the people buy tons of bad for you food, but I was able to rock tons of produce and turkey meat, and Cheerios and canned veggies and lowfat cheese in my $96 (as well as aforementioned bad for you food like Teddy Grahams, coffee creamer, and french fries).

Cross this off my Bucket List, finally saved more than I paid at the grocery store. SUCK IT, KROGER!!! I beat you!

If I had "eat dinner with a kid dressed up like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh" on my Bucket List, I'd be able to scratch that one off last night, as Rylan came to eat his chicken nuggets in character.

****Yes, I put all this on my table and placed it in a photo-friendly manner then got on a stool to give you a birds eye view. I also rotate the underwear in the drawer to the top of the pile when I put away folded laundry because I feel bad for the underwear that didn't get worn before I did laundry. I'm really weird and I accept that. The good news is, I am a mostly stay at home mom, so I'm training two little weirdos to be just like me. Ha HA!

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