Tuesday, June 7, 2011

May....in pics

Our computer is fixed! We've returned from our much anticipated trip to Gulf Shores! Let the blogging commence!

We had a garage sale and the kids were SUPER helpful in helping me get rid of the old! We were going to sell Max's Halloween costume, but it got put in the keep pile afterall. I have a few items from each child that I've kept. They are clothes that I remember them wearing when they were teeny tiny, you know, the time that flies by so fast, you need to commemorate it?

I've started working every Thursday. Rylan goes to daycare, and Max goes over to my friend Michelle's house while I work. My work called one Thursday to say they didn't have many patients and didn't need me, so Rylan went to Tiny Town and me and Max hung out for some super special mommy and me time. He got to roll all over the floor without anyone coming in for a tackle. He got lots of extra snuggles and closeups with the camera. We even went and ate lunch with daddy. But, the poor kid had to accompany me to a rheumatologist appointment. They don't see many babies at the rheumatologist. They LOVED them some googly Max.

I need to blow this picture up, frame it and look at it every time we have a "terrible two" day in this house. Rylan loves that baby more than life itself. He's just not awesome at showing that love in a non-painful way sometimes.

And then, every night around 7:30pm, our sweet boy returns and we have good snuggles and read books and laugh at his antics.

I walked back into the kitchen to find this. I guess Rylan brought the zoo to Max

Playing together all sweet-like

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  1. DANG, you guys make some cute, smiley boys. :)