Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Mall, really? What were you thinking?

So, being the attentive and savvy CHEAPO that I am, I saw that Old Navy was having a $2 tank top day, and I just happened to remember that Bath and Body Works was having their summer clearance. Wanting to take advantage of the fact that I BARELY work, and am off on Fridays, I decided (at naptime) to head to the mall. I think its all the sleep I've been losing lately, but yes, that was pretty stupid.

When I had Rylan, he was my constant companion. From birth till a year old, that kid went where I went. Keep him fed and he was a happy camper. I learned after having Max, that this doesn't happen when you have two. You get out and about when you are alone, or down to one, preferably the younger one. The one that still wants to be your companion.

I have done this for 8 months now. I have taken the kids shopping a total of one time and that was at Christmas and it was a must and I still vowed never to do it again. Other than that, I bribe Rob to let me out for a few hours, do it right after work on my one day I work, or I just choose to skip the adventure.

Today, I didn't want to skip the adventure. And, to tell the truth, my kids weren't bad. Not too bad. I did have to rearrange the seating arrangement due to kicking the back of seats and such, but that's to be expected.


1. The wheel of my double stroller came off. In the middle of the road. And no one stopped to help me.

2. Rylan dropped his cup in JC Penney and shouted NURCH (his new word for drink that I can't really understand, but whatever) all over the store till we found it. "Nurch!!! Nurch!!!"

3. A double stroller gets stuck approximately 27 ways in Bath and Body Works when the clearance boxes are out.

3. One of those annoying people at the kiosks in the middle of the malls (the ones that get in your personal space and try to sell you something) yelled "ma'am you dropped something!" When I turned to see what I dropped, he laughed and informed me that he just wanted to get my attention, and would I like him to take pictures of my kids. I, literally, said "Are you freakin' kidding me? NO"

4. At Old Navy, I was a little frazzled, got in line behind a guy, didn't really look up cause both kids had my attention. When I finally looked up to see why he wasn't moving forward, I realized he was a mannequin. Yep, I'm that awesome.

5. Rylan peed through his diaper, his shorts, and all over the seat of the double stroller. OMG the kid can pee.

So, eventful day. Luckily, I'm no shopaholic, cause it won't hurt my feelings to not do that anytime soon. Especially since after #'s 1 and 5, I'll probably be burning that stroller.

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  1. 1. People suck.
    2. Lily just looooves to shout, "I pooted!" or "Mommy's got big boobies!" in highly public places. Or sometimes she'll just drop down on all fours and start meowing.
    3. You're scaring me with all that double stroller talk.
    3 (the second one, you MIGHT've had two of these!) Those people suck most of all.
    4. Mannequins give me the creeps.
    5. Lily peed on my leg yesterday.