Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'll take 2 ear tubes and 4 teeth for the win

Just a week late. Max did AWESOME during surgery. He was so excited to have Mom and Dad to himself and all the lights and shininess of the surgery center that he was hard to hold! We settled for standing him on the bed, where he pretended the thing was a jumparoo. It was quite comical watching the anesthesiologist trying to listen to his lungs while he jumped away on the bed. I tried to take pics/do a video but between that dang anesthesiologist asking me silly questions like "is he allergic to medicine? Is there a family history of heart problems?" and Max's mad love for constant movement, I just couldn't get a pic or video to turn out. So, here you go, a cuter than cute pic from his 6 month photo session.

And, I must say that we couldn't have made a better decision of timing, because Max's gums sprung forth his top teeth this week, causing him to be snotty and sad, and such. With all that going on, he would have had double ear infections, no doubt. Instead he's got mad love for chewing on your shoulder. Or arm. Or boob. Whatever looks chewy. That makes 4 teeth at 7 months. He's right on track with trying to be a shark, like his brother was.

Oh, and Rylan's speech problem? I've got it figured out, tell him something you'd rather he not repeat: no more speech problem.
"Daddy pee pee potty!"
"Max poo pooed, ewwww"
"my turn"
"dat's mine!"

By far, my very favorite thing that Ry has said of late: I saw that Rylan, as usual, had eaten his bread and veggie and I told him to eat his meat. Apparently he thought that he needed to extend the bossiness and tell his dad to eat his meat. "DAD! EAT MEAT!!!!" He says this all the time at dinner.

Along with getting us packed for vacation, taking care of kids, cleaning up my house that I'm always cleaning, yet somehow never looks clean, and just plain WINNING, my goal for tomorrow is to download about a million pics and blog blog blog.

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  1. So glad Mr. Max did so well during surgery, but sad to hear that he is oozing, while the Qualls are trying to enjoy the beach. :(. Keep me posted!
    I love Rylan and his words! :D