Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sweet Cheeks Qualls

Who is 8.75 months old?
20.5 pounds

with 6 teeth

and still being squeezed into his swing?

Maxerdoodles, that's who!!!!!! I kinda missed the 8th month blog post, on account of vacation and laziness, so here's a late month check-in. He is a happy kid. Everyday is the new best day of Max's life. Keep him fed, his ears free of infection, and play a little patty-cake and peek-a-boo with him and he will give you the sweetest grin you've seen that day.

He gets up on all fours and tries to crawl, but he mostly ends up in a yoga downward facing dog position and gets real upset. He gets where he needs to go but leaving his legs on the ground and doing all the work with his arms. Its really pretty impressive. Every night I get Rylan ready for the bath first and then go back to the living room to grab Max and put him in his bath seat. The last 3 nights, I'm getting Rylan in the tub, and here comes Max into the bathroom, having scooted all the way down the hall.

These past FOUR teeth have all popped out quickly and painfully. I'm pretty sure all the drainage they cause were the start of the latest ear plague. BUT, little boys with 6 teeth are able to eat a lot more food than little boys with two teeth. Max has never been a huge fan of baby food. He tolerates it, but I see him eyeing what we've got. His new favorite food is toast. Take the crust off and split a piece of toast in four sections and he will moan his way through that sucker in minutes. He's also had his first Cheerios and a couple noodles and they got an A+ vote as well.

Love that kid like a fat kid loves cake.

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  1. Toast, Cheerios, and noodles...three of life's greatest blessings. :)
    My GOSH, that boy's adorable!!!!