Sunday, March 14, 2010

I wish you would step back from that ledge, my friend

Rylan, my little lap baby, is discovering a whole new world. A world of stairs and boxes, chairs and coffee tables, and scary entertainments centers, and even mom's short-girl step stool. No longer happy to sit in your lap long enough for even a board book, Rylan is on the move and usually that move is in going UP! Me, I'm good with two feet on the ground.

Extremely scary front stairs. Don's worry, I photoshopped
Rob waiting to catch a falling baby out
In the flower pod. He is truly happy here, I think I'm going to make it Ry's area and as he grows he can pick out the flowers to go in here. As long as he picks out ones that LOVE some full sun
He hit a wall. In a tiny jacket. At one point I'll realize that just because he's 15 months old, he doesn't fit the 18month profile.
Much cooler to be in his rocking chair this way
Daddy got a new propane cooker so he can make beer outside. Rylan got this snazzy box.

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