Thursday, March 11, 2010

Big day of playgroup fun

So, Rylan and I belong to two playgroups. One is in my little town out in the middle of nowhere called MOPS, which stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. They only meet twice a month, once a little meeting for moms to get together and have mom time, while nice elderly ladies watch our kids, and once for a group playdate like the firetruck one. They are nice people, they are very Christian oriented, and they always provide delicious breakfasts. I only 75% fit in, but I think its good for both Rylan and I to go.

Our other group is in the Little Rock area and has a very varied group of women and they get together as much as 4 times a week. You go online and pick and choose what sounds like fun. Its anywhere from meeting for lunch at Chick-fil-A and talking while your kids play on the equipment to meeting at someone's house for arts and crafts to going to the park.

In an attempt to get us out of the house, and not bored at home, I signed up for both. I'm not a good scheduler, I have many calenders that are often bare. So, we are often double booked for events and I have to make a decision what sounds like more fun. Yesterday we were double booked. And I couldn't make the decision. See, MOPS was having a "churchy" kind of meeting (and they are Union Baptists and I'm Catholic, so I wasn't so sure about that one) so I was leaning towards skipping the MOPS and attending our other playgroup. They were meeting at Wonder Place, a place where they have all sorts of slides, and dress-up stuff, a pool with toys in it that kids can splash in, blue sandbox, tunnels and a Velcro wall you can just throw stuff at AND IT STICKS! The only snaffoo in my plan was that MOPS threw me a curve ball. That curve ball is called an Easter Egg Hunt. I couldn't pass up a chance for Ry-bear to hunt for the Easter Bunny's cast-offs!!! What to do?

We did it all. Did I mention that those delicous breakfasts that MOPS have are split up between the tables of mommies and my table had picked this particular Wednesday to be providers? So Rylan and I showed up with our Hashbrown Casserole and he went to his Moppets class and dutifully listened to a speaker talk about how to let God keep me grounded. Then came the Easter Egg hunt. Rylan had fallen and bonked his head in his classroom, so he was a little dazed and confused as to why all these shiny plastic things were sitting in a field, but he got with it and collected him some fabulous eggs. One even said Jesus on it. Later that night, Rob congratulated Rylan on "finding Jesus."

Then, we jetted off to Little Rock and met our other playgroup at Wonder Place, a place of wonder indeed. We were late and they were getting ready to leave, but Ry got a good hour of splashing, running, and frolicking in before we left. Then we ate at McDonald's with our friends. Then we accepted an invitation to our friends Krystal and Harper's house so the kids could take naps. Rylan took no such nap. There was a cute dog to terrorize.

Then Rylan, Krystal, Harper and I packed up and went to a scary consignment sale. After two hours of shopping amongst some of the scariest super shopping ladies around (I don't lie when I tell you some had kicked their children out of strollers to use them for clothing), we parted ways and headed home. Rylan laid on the floor till we put that poor boy in his bed. Such a big day.

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