Friday, March 19, 2010

Its so easy being green

Happy late St. Patrick's Day to all. I was in the middle of getting this blog ready, when I got hit by something awful. The stomach flu. Or death. It really seemed like death for a 24hr period there, now I'm back to thinking it was stomach flu. Dad gum stomach flu, makes you hate all your favorite food and drink.

Here are some pics from a St. Patrick's Day themed playdate that we went to, cutely titled A Shamrockin' Good Time. All green food. All with sugar in it.

No pictures, please

Ry, with his new friend, Lily.
Ry's other new friend, Harper. He likes the ladies.

After a nap for each of us after the inevitable sugar crash, Ry and I went outside for a daily dose of running, climbing and eating dirt. I put him in his St. Pat's jammies early because, after all, its not kosher to wear this much green after St. Patrick's Day, right? We, literally, do this exact outside routine as much as 3 times a day in good weather, but I had to take lots of shots, because its so much cuter in Ry's St. Patrick's Day gettup.

I have a little trouble on holidays that require a color of the rainbow. You see, I love black. And brown. And sometimes gray. I'm not goth. I'm not this new strain of girls that call themselves Emo, with the black nails to match their mood. I just like to wear black. It matches everything, its a little slimming, and I think it kinda goes good with my skin tone. Green makes me look like I have liver problems.

When I was pregnant with Rylan, I realized I was getting lots of compliments from Rob. I think its because my pregnancy clothing was sponsored by two former preggos. I was given uber amounts of maternity clothes in every color of the rainbow. It was the first time in my life to wear a different color every day. I promised Rob that as I dropped baby weight, I would buy myself colorful clothing. I lied. I didn't mean to. I tried. I really did.

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