Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Scenes from last week

We started the week out right with some Whole Wheat Pancakes. They aren't as good as whole WHITE pancakes, but I'm trying to drop a few alot of poundage, so whole wheat it is. Pretty dandy.

Then we ventured out to enjoy a snippet of non-rainy day
OMG the cuteness

Gosh he is so freakin cute, too.
On the hunt for acorns. 
Rylan and his sticks. Love.
I remembered why you don't put your kid in a white monogrammed shirt and go in the backyard to play.

Then, we embraced the crazy amount of rain from Hurricane (Ivan, Even, Isaac?) and went to Chuck E. Cheez. Max's newest phrase? Chuck E. Cheez. When your almost two year old utters Chuck E. Cheez with lots of spit and toddler-ism thrown in there, its so freakin cute, you race to Chuck E. Cheez. The actual mouse himself was on hand to dance with the kids and throw out free tickets. To which Max got a face like he was being chased by an ax murderer and pretty much told Chuck E. Cheez where he could shove his pizza. Now if you ask him where we went he says "Chuck E. Cheez MOUSE!"

Then I did a little of this.  Look at me with a protective hand over my uterus. "mah angry uterus is gonna get a beating!" I happily accepted all sedatives and pain meds offered. It was a pretty incident free experience. I did have to stop myself, in a drug induced state, from asking my anesthesiologist why he chose the Yosemite Sam moustache. It was really hard not to say anything. Really really hard.
While I surgeried, my sons played with Grammy and Papa. And they had a blast.

They was pepper picking
Dolls? My kids are pretty secure in their manhood.

Popsicles!!!!! Side-note, Max calls these Cocksicles. Its funny every time.

And then Rob went and picked my precious boys up and brought their sleeping selves home to me and I couldn't stop kissing and cuddling and smelling them (Percocet?). Never realized that I smell my kids till Rob handed me Max and he laid on my shoulder and I took a big whiff and sighed happily. I'm so weird.
Our awesome neighbor, Ms. Renee, made us dinner. Maxers liked the corn. A whole lot. Side note- Rylan calls Ms. Renee "misanay". I'm pretty sure its going to stick forever. Its one of those I hope does. I'll be so sad if he sees her and says her name normal.
And I rested, and Rylan snuggled me and all was well.

And we got our Max and he snuggled Daddy and Daddy read him his Razorback book 17 times and all was even more well.

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