Tuesday, September 18, 2012

An update and a review

An Update:
I've lost 3 pounds. Not unbelievable awesomeness, but not shabby considering I had surgery in the middle of it and caught myself laying in bed shoving Nutter Butter bites in my mouth in the aftermath!

I FEEL better than I have in a long time. The symptoms that caused me to have the endometrial ablation were not fun, then in August they put me on medicine that made me go into temporary menopause. Just a suggestion? Don't do this in August.

Menopause=hot flashes
August+hot flashes=Sweaty beast

Just sayin'. I'm a sweaty beast as of late. But its getting better. Its all getting much better. I don't lie, that I was dealing with the symptoms and trying to ignore them and I straight up puked in front of my patient at work one day. Called the doc that very day and asked for a visit.

A Review:

During my surgery recovery, in a percocet induced state, I had the BEST IDEA I'VE EVER HAD (it felt like it at the time). I decided that as part of my weight loss I was going to try all different workouts and workout videos and blog about them for the betterment of mankind. All two of mankind that will read this. So, with the help of a percocet happy high, I put approximately 42 workout videos in my Netflix queue**.

So, here's my first installment:

The Biggest Loser: Boot Camp
I like Boot Camp type workouts. For as jovial and bouncy as I seem, I can't stand happy go lucky workout instructors. Drive me nuts. I like for people just to yell at me and be super serious and I don't want hard routines that  you have to learn. I just want to get in, get out and burn some calories.

This video MOSTLY does this. I, personally, in all my 40 pounds overweight knowledge, think its inappropriately named. I don't think its a Boot Camp workout, as much as Interval Training or Cross Training. That being said, it was a good workout, had options for high and low impact, used weights and your own body weight to increase calorie burn and 30 minutes went by in a blink of an eye. And the next day I. WAS. SORE. So, obviously something got worked that hasn't been worked in a while. I have done a different Biggest Loser workout that was super cheesy, this one was less cheesy, but no without a decent amount of cheesy comments and not great music.

On a scale of 4 fat rolls being AWESOME and 0 Fat rolls being NOT WORTH YOUR TIME, I give this a solid 2.5 fat rolls.

**I also pinned about 900 things on Pinterest and earned 520 Swagbucks. Its a really good thing I didn't have a credit card at the ready, I would own like 10 As Seen On TV products.

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