Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My uterus is an angry place

So, I'm shutting it DOWN tomorrow. Well, my vajajay doc is shutting it down.

I have found out why I had tough pregnancies with lots of contractions. I have inflammation in the muscle wall of my uterus.  Big name: Adenomyosis.  My name: Angry Uterus.

At first I thought my uterus hated babies, therefore tried to shoot them out early. Until I stopped putting babies in it, so it just got mad at me. I'm not going to get graphic, but girl time of the month has been horrible.  Puking, nausea, cramping, swelling, weight gain, and just plain feeling like dookie. I know, I sound hot.

So, the doc is doing an "endometrial ablation" in the morn. That's his big fancy name for making scarred tissue of my endometrium and the muscle lining of my uterus. My name:shutting my uterus down. I've wanted to punch my uterus in the face for a year, but I don't think that would actually FIX my issue, so I'm glad I sought the help of the vajajay doc.

My kids (Rylan McQuestions and Max Sir Hits-a-lot) are at my parents house. Pray for my parents. And my vajajay doc. May he be awesome with his "shutting my uterus down" abilities.
Since this means No. More. Babies., can someone PLEASE go to Africa and grab me one of those babies from the "same money as a cup of coffee a day" commercials. Cause I make REALLY cute babies, but it hurts and is scary to make the babies. And, Max is fixing to be two and doesn't want to act like a baby anymore (unless you count his mad love for a pacey) and I'm getting that "I need a baby" feeling. PLUS Rob and my genes mixed together make babies with bad ears and mean lungs. And I like to FEED babies, and I'd like to feed one of those babies for the rest of his or her lives.
Uterus in action

Above and below are positive things that my uterus produced

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