Saturday, July 21, 2012


1. My parents are awesome and asked (actually asked) to take my kids for 3 nights. The day they asked I did an actual air fist bump, since there was no one there to fist bump with.

2. I officially broke up with Christian Grossness Grey and his Red Room of Pain on Thursday night. Its not me, its him. And the author. In the words of my sister, "something's bad wrong with that writer." I made it 1.5 books out of 3 before I could take no more of those books. I then opened up a perfectly good Mary Higgins Clark book and returned to the world of normal.

Add #1 to #2? 12 hours of uninterupted sleep last night. I haven't slept till 8am since 2008.***

***Miss my kids like whoa!!! They are crazy and tend to fight over EVERYTHING and Rylan told me the other day during a time out that I wasn't allowed to go to WalMart anymore, and Max still eats dog food and can't keep his hand out of the toilet and they only want hugs and kisses after bedtime or before wakeup time, but they are the two most awesome kids in all the world (at least in my eyes) and I wouldn't trade them for a million of anything. They are worth the sleeplessness. And grey hair.

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  1. LOL You are so funny! Im glad you got a break! :)