Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekly Goal Check in

Last Week's Goals
1. Put 5 items on Craig's List (I have a reason why I didn't get this done, I decided that I would make a ton more money and have less hassle to just put these in a consignment sale. That way I don't have to meet people in Little Rock and get 27,000 emails telling me I live too far away, could I drop the price).

2. Put cash in cash envelope system and use it!!!!!!  There is cash in the envelopes, hasn't been used yet

3. Make a list of all of the things around the house that will help with decreasing dustmites and helping kiddos allergies.

Stay at home mommy stuff
3.  At least 3 days where everything gets crossed off of new daily to-do list  

4. Blog at least 2 days/week, not including goal check-in

5. Stay home at least two days.
6. Get caught up on Love and Respect in time for bible study on Monday. OI!!!!

7. Have a date night with the hubs.

8. Try one new craft or kid thing from Pinterest
9. Work out four days
10. Lose 1 pound

Well, 5 out of 10 is an improvement.  Plus, 2 of the days I MOSTLY did everything on my list. My daily to-do list is very very big, and I've noticed where I am routinely falling behind (um, taking a vitamin and putting needed drops in my eyes for one).  The days that we stayed home were a strain. We go go go so much and, sadly, in public, my kids are SOOOO much better. Mostly because they like to be entertained. I've seen some things I can do to improve this, and make our time at home better.  Namely, remembering that my kids are 3 and 1 and they have very, very, very short attention spans, so changing the activity more often keeps them from getting bored. (bored=shenanigans)

Our Pinterest kid thing was this. You'd be surprised how excited your kids can get if you put their food in a muffin tin or an ice cube tray. I did 6 muffin tin for Max with turkey pepperoni, cut grapes, crackers, and raisins. Rylan's ice cube tray had cheese, pepperoni, grapes, raisins, crackers, carrot sticks, and hummus. They chowed down. I did this again Thursday when Mama wanted to go have drinks with my coworkers and Rob was bringing the kids home. When my kids do their one day at daycare, they come home ravenously hungry and as thirst as Jesus after his time in the desert!!!! It is nearly impossible to cook a meal, because they shout at you the entire time about how they are starving to death.**** I came home and had them their muffin/ice trays set out with goldfish crackers and grapes, and dried cranberries. Rob said it was so nice, they got so excited and sat and had their snacks while he made their dinner. 

My friend, Cheryll, mentioned that she is changing her weigh-in day and I am following in her footsteps. I am playing back an forth with the same 3 pounds and I think its the weekends that are getting me down! We usually do a dinner out or a big dinner at home on Friday and I'm all bloated and gross Monday morning.  I am going to start weighing on Friday.  It will help me keep on track better over the weekend. 

This week's goals

1.Make a new to-do list incorporating Rylan and Max's new allergy meds

2.Finish taxes

3. Get carpets cleaned

SAHM stuff
4. Blog 2 days other than weekly check-ins

5. Do "school" with Rylan every day

6. Do a "kid" related activity off of Pinterest

7. Log food onto My Fitness Pal everyday

8. Work out 4 days

9. Lose 1 pound

10. Read 20 minutes every night

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