Thursday, February 9, 2012

I was wondering when the shiteth would hit the faneth

They got sick again.....poor kids. On an extremely happy note, they haven't been sick since the beginning of December. This is monumental for them, considering the last year of their lives. Eight whole weeks (mostly) illness, antibiotic, and updraft machine free.  Its the small things in life and two months illness free and Gnomeo and Juliet both cause me to smile.

The sad thing is, I brought it home. From where? No idea. But last Thursday my eye started pouring fluid and then the nose joined in. By Friday I was sure there could be nothing else to wipe or blow, but there was so, so so much more. I slept approximately 12 hours Friday night, took a four hour nap Saturday and slept another 9 hours that night (thank you, Rob) and was pretty much better by Sunday. And what did Rob get for being such a good husband/daddy? A nice, snotty, eye watering cold. He cannot say I never gave him anything.

So, my computer's being an a-hole and not uploading my pics, so I all you get is an update on Qualls snot. Your welcome. Come again.

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  1. I'm so sorry, girl. We've been nice 'n snotty too. But at least my computer's playing fairly. :( Hope you and yours...and your PC...are doing lots better.