Saturday, February 11, 2012

Reunited and it feels so good computer finally uploaded pics for me! Something about having 5 million, give or take, too many pictures and downloads. Whatever.

So anyway, we've been running around like mad, and we realized that we had gone way way way too long without seeing Harper, Hayes and their mama, Krystal. Like all of December and part of January!!!! See, Krystal took one of those JOB thingies and those darn things take away from frolicking time. And there was illness, and birthdays, and trips, and holidays and oh my gosh, Hayes is HUH-YUGE and I swears she was just a tiny baby. And, Max is RUNNING and Krystal was just holding him on her lap.

So, we were going to enjoy the lovely springlike weather and hang at the zoo, but the minute we got there, the heavens opened up and it was rainy and cold. So, we decided to check out the (newly remodeled) Museum of Discovery. Holy Funness! It was perfect, minus the fact that I lost each of my kids at least once in the maze they call the children's area. I try to dress my children in colors of emergency traffic signs on days where they will be running amok, but I thought they were zoo and stroller bound, so they were wearing normal colors, easy to lose.

 Hayes and Max saying hello
 This is the best I could do at a couples photo. they are holding hands in case you are wondering. They held hands the entire day. It was precious.

 Dress up time, they kept these hats on for almost an hour
 Krystal is hiding back there trying to make it look like Hayes and Max took a ride on a cow alone

I highly recommend the museum to all. We got a season pass, so look forward to many many pics that look, pretty much like the above.  Me likes a clean, air conditioned/heated, non crazy, place to take my kids on a cold, rainy, or extra hot day. 

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