Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rylan Q: The big "twee"

On this, the day post post post Rylan's 3rd birthday, I have this to say

I love that kid so very much. I love it that he tells me "I need those chicken nuggets in my hand." I love it that he has decided at the age of 3 that he'd like a pacey. I love it that he's been an expert potty trainer. I love it that he loves the outdoors, and fruit snacks, and Humpty Dumpty, and anything with a Cars paraphenelia, though he doesn't actually like the movie, Cars. I love it that he thinks anywhere (a house, a grocery story, a picture) that has more than 2 pumpkins in it is "a Puntin Patch". I love it that he follows 75% of his sayings with the word "now." And, mostly I love it that every Sunday morning, he sits for hours and surveys the coupons, flyers, inserts, and comics in the Sunday newspaper for possible Mickey, Cars, Buzz/Woody, or Shrek sightings.

I am not sure where 3 years have gone, I'm quite sure they haven't been spent sleeping. They have been good, good years. Ry and I had a talk yesterday and we've decided that we aren't aging anymore. I can hardly believe he's 3, I couldn't handle any more advancement in age from him, and I'd be good sticking at thirty-bleeping years old myself.

Happy "Dirf Day" Rylee Roo, we love you so much and are so glad you are in our world and are the big "twee"!!!!! Keep bringing the cute and we'll keep supplying the fruit snacks.

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  1. Adorable! :D I love you and that presh three year old of yours! :D