Monday, August 8, 2011

Sleephater: an update

A few weeks ago, I posted about Max's hate for sleep. He was starting to get mobile and I knew I had a short window before he was able to pull himself up in bed. I learned from Rylan that once they can pull up to standing, it sucks being you. It wakes them up so much more. And picking them up and laying them back down hurts their feelings so much more. Well, 3 days after that post, guess what happened?

Uh-huh. Mr "I'm going to grow up so much faster than you are ready for" was already standing up in the bed. And using his fancy crib as a teether while he waits for us to come get him. I would lay in my bed, trying to let him put himself back to sleep and think "he's chewing on the bed, his brand new bed is going to look like a beaver got hold of it." So, I went to my friend and bought the brown crib cover that you see in the picture. I sucked it up and started trying to let him cry it out. Sometimes it works. Alot of times it doesn't. A few times I hear silence and I think I've won, I go to check and I see this:

He found the 4 inch area between his teething pad and bumper pad. He looks through it and waits for me to peek in.

Once he sees you, you get the following (my apologies for it being a little dark):

And really, who can leave that baby in bed? He's up and ready to party. On this party animal's behalf, he does sleep 8pm-5am MOST days, which is a huge improvement. And lately, his middle of the night sadness can be blamed on those stinky ear infections.

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  1. Lily didn't learn to pull up 'til something like last week. You make some seriously coordinated and motorically (is that even a word?) skilled kiddos.
    And thanks again for the cool boy stuff today! Here's hoping some of Max's chilled nature, winning charm, and smiley disposition rubbed off on it....