Saturday, August 13, 2011

Potty Party/Potty Boot Camp/3 Day Potty Training

Whatever the name, it starts today. We've got a potty chart. We've got dum dums and gummy worms for each successful potty. We've got a a Bissell spot cleaner for the unsuccessful potties. We've got zone defense-I've got Rylan, Rob has Max. We have lots and lots and lots of activities (movies, coloring, playdough, stamping, car racing, pancake making, block building, and painting) to make it fun. We've got tons of fun food (Teddy Grahams, popcorn, pizza, corndogs, muffins, pancakes, hot dogs) to make it delicious and carb loaded. I have a bottle of wine, just in case.

According to the e-book I read, and a few friends that have tried it, if I stick to the program to a T, Rylan will be potty trained by Monday night. I'll be back Monday to update. Pray for us. And our carpet.

He can do it, I know he can

1 comment:

  1. Gooooo, Rylan! Best of luck to you and your carpet!!
    And now I've got a serious craving for both corndogs and pancakes. At the same time. Ooooh, and gummy worms. Thanks for that. :)