Monday, April 4, 2011

6 months of sweet cheeked love

Happy 6 month birthday Maxton! I am not entirely sure WHERE the last 6 months have gone, but I do believe they've been six very awesome months! You are the happiest baby that I've ever known. Thank you for your sweet smile, your slobbery kisses, your sticky hands, and your tolerance of brother Rylan's intense love for you.

They always say that God never gives you more than you can handle, and although we've dealt with ouchy pregnancy, Death Fever, full blown flu, our dog dying, and lots of ear infections and colds in the last year, God gave us a baby so precious, happy, and cuddly, we were able to handle it all.

Getting a ride in the coke cart from Rylan
I'll make his malnourishment appointment THIS WEEK, I promise
Hello, sweet babyface
My current very favorite picture of him. I sat him in the bumbo and turned to grab his bowl of prune goodness, turned back around and look what I saw. So freakin cute. And all caught up on the latest news.

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  1. Happy six-month bday to the happiest baby EVER (I'm sure of it). And I'm pretty sure he's got the best cheeks ever too!