Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No, man

Remember that movie Yes Man with Jim Carrey? The one where the guy that says no to everyone goes to that creepy convention and enters into a covanent where he has to say yes to everything and his life because infinitely better?

Yeah, I'm gonna need to find that creepy convention and get Rylan entered into that covanent. A LOT of no's are going down at our house right now.

Me: "good morning"

Me: "We're going to go to the library"
Ry: "nooooooooo"

Me: "Say 'Yes'"
Ry: "yes"
Me: "I knew you could do it. Now, do you want to go on a walk?"
Ry: "noooooooooooo"

And if you think I'm just being mean and I'm only asking him things he doesn't like you are wrong. He says no when I look at him sometimes. He says no when I ask if he wants a snack, then takes the snack that he just said no to.

I love that boy more than life itself, but this 'no' business just caused me to nominate both Grandmothers, my Aunt Tina, and my college friend, Amanda for sainthood for doing this toddler thing 5-8 times. This too shall pass.

Okay, after telling something he does that's not cute, I shall tell you something that is super cute. When Rylan is acting partcularly toddler-ish, I've taught him the sign for I'm Sorry, since he can't say it yet. Here's what it looks like:
He's kinda creepy looking, but you get the drift

You are supposed to do this in a circle on your own chest. If you are Rylan, you do this on the other person's chest. He also says "nice" when he does it cause he knows he did something no nice. So, if Rylan offends you, be prepared for him to rub your chest while saying "nice!"

A non-toddlerish mother-son brownie making
Testing for quality control purposes
Its all fun and games till the brownie gets in your eye

And an extra of sweet Max. He's super sassy sweet these days. He loves to grab your face and give you a big gummy grin.


  1. OMG I could eat them both up!!! LOVE THEM!
    BTW-Rylan offended me by not sharing that chocolate! ;)

  2. Remind me not to teach Ryan your boy's special sign for "I'm sorry"...though there's a really good chance it'd get him to apologize more often.