Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Surprise fun filled Saturday

So, last Saturday Rob says to me "want to go to Garvin Gardens?" WHAT????? Rob isn't a giddy up and go kind of a guy. He's a planner. And after a week driving 80 miles round-trip every day, he likes a nice weekend at home. (Rob, if you are reading this, I'm not complaining, just telling a story, love you boo!) So, when he suggested Garvin Gardens I spent a few moments not knowing what to do with myself, then I sprung into action and we packed up the cutie-patooties and headed to Hot Springs for the day. We had never been to Garvin Gardens in the daylight, just for the Christmas light festivites. Its BEAUTIFUL! And pushing 55 pounds of children in a stroller the size of a VW bug is great exercise.

Blurry cuteness
Koi pond, before Rylan tried to jump in

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