Monday, April 18, 2011

Too much illness, never too many smiles

Instead of going into detail, I shall just say that Rylan, Max, and I all have the immune systems and bodies that can SUCK IT!!!!! So, instead of describing mean ole' ear infections, allergy induced pneumonia, and death fever any more, I will give you some cute, gummy, happy babies. Cause they are more fun to talk about.

Max is finally big enough to enjoy the Wonder Place, he loved it. Shortly after I shot this pic, he puked peas all over that mirror. I did my best with a wipe and we scooted away.
Mini tub for the babies, he was in love. And really really wet.
I figured out that putting Rylan in a bright shirt is a smart idea on free adult day. So many kids and I start to hyperventilate when I don't see my boy. This shirt did the trick.
This is just a random day. I got some free samples of Emergen-C and they came with stickers, which Rylan put all over his person. He loves this hat so much, he wore it to the doctor's office. Oops mentioned THAT wretched place.

Speaking of doctor's offices I went to a rheumatologist today that was neither creepy or mean. Both things I feared just because I figure to play with rheumatic problems full time you would have to be both creepy and mean. So, through my two ouchy pregnancies, and my death fever issues, I have discovered some diamond of doctors (and some duds-my OB doc for Rylan and orthopedic surgeon). So, if you need an OBGYN, rheumatologist, PCP, or eye doctor, give me a holla!


  1. I'm sorry y'all have been sick! That is NO fun. :( We miss y'all!

  2. If I'd been through a double ear infection, allergy-induced pneumonia, and all that other stuff we're not talking about, there's NO WAY I'd be smiling. Further evidence that you've got some truly rockin' kids.
    Hope you and yours are feeling lots better....