Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Say when

You know when the waitress pours your drink, she (or he) says "say when?" Well, life had poured me enough and I said "WHEN!" In fact, to be perfectly honest, I said "why me?" "suck it, flu", "who can I sue?", and, "I want my mommy!" I even wrote a whole blog post about how I was a super sad Sara that just couldn't lift my super sad fog, was sick of being stuck in my house, sick of being sick and seeing my babies be sick and I think I even included some information that probably falls under the TMI category about how the flu and the prednisone to heal my bronchitis and Death Fever had caused me to almost have to stop breastfeeding. Life handed me lemons, but everytime I went to make lemonaide, more lemons came.

Well, instead of publishing the 'woe is me post', I packed my two boys and we took off for The Land of Lemonade. Or Grammy and Papa's house. We had already planned on meeting my sister's there for a weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday, so me and the boys extended our trip to make it a nice, relaxing four day event. If doctors ordered weekends away, a doctor would have ordered this one. For all three of us. We all needed to get out of the house, I needed more sleep, Rylan needed to be around some kids, and Max? Well, Max likes to be held and holding is something my fam damily is REALLY good at.

There was Wii Dance Party, there was cake baking, there was story time at the library (in which Rylan shouted NOOOO the entire time and we had to run out, but that's beside the point) there was walks and naps, and lots and lots of playtime. We have returned to Little Rock refreshed and with our bellies full of my mama's home cookin'.
Not a good pic, but a pic of Ry dance partying the day away
Sweet niece Zoe, waiting on her cake
My sister Angie is taking a cake decorating class. This was her pilot mission. I think she did splendid. And the best part? The cake tasted like wedding cake. The good kind. It was delicious.
I'm not going to say how old our matriarch is, but I expect her to live the next 60 years as well as she lives the first. Oops. You are young, hip Grammy!!!

We were going to leave on Sunday, but there were rumors of tornadoes. Since I don't really have a job to go home to, I opted to stay in the warm, dry comforts of my parents house instead of getting on the windy road with my two bambinos only to have to hit a ditch to duck a tornado. Alas, the tornadoes did not come, but we had a super fun extra day with my parents and I even took a nap!

I am crossing fingers, praying the Our Father, and holding my tongue just right that my family can be on the mend now. I'm pretty sure we deserve it.


  1. Please, please, PLEASE tell me you guys still don't have my stomach ick. If so, I totally give you permission to smack me. If you can find the strength, that is. 'Cause this stuff sucks.

    What *didn't* suck? Your lovely weekend with your incredibly lovely family. It looked (and sounded) absolutely perfect...even the part about story time at the library.

  2. I'm so glad you got to get away! :D YAY! I am so glad you are also feeling better! Double YAY! :D