Friday, March 18, 2011

Thank you, Spring

It hasn't been my favorite winter. I've never been so happy to see sun and feel warm breezes smell my obnoxious Bradford Pear in full bloom. Spring has sprung. At least this week. Constant smiles all around. We have spent every day outside this week.

On Wednesday, we met our playgroup friends at Allsopp Park. We love Allsopp, with its fun jungle gym, lots 'o' sand and large swingset. And, we love our playgroup friends.

Baby Karsyn-she's walking now. And its really cute

Max hitched a ride with his friend, Eli
Monster amount of cuteness (Eli isn't sure he's okay with what's going on behind him)
This is Eli's mama Cheryl, on the left. She rocks.


  1. Yep, somebody just told me the first day of spring is Sunday, and you'd have thought she said Santa was coming, and he was bringing Johnny Depp along with him, and they had M&Ms and peanut butter smoothies in hand. I was THAT happy.

  2. HEHE You totally gave me a shout out in your blog! I feel so special! ;)
    That was so stinkin cute when they were swinging together!
    Our kids are so stinkin cute! :D