Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jump til you PASS OUT

Rob and I went to a neighbor's garage sale when were about 4 months preggo. They were selling a "jumparoo" for $10.

"We don't need this."
"He already has a walker and that jumping thing you hang in the door"
"Its just one more thing to take up space"

Well, we ended up with a jumparoo even after all these reasons to not get it. And boy has it been the best $10 we've ever spent. And love it he does. Mom and Dad are eating dinner and baby is bouncing his heart out. Well, today I was cleaning and Ry was bouncing and we were both grooving to my MP3 mix, when I realized the bouncing noise had stopped. Here's why:

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  1. Dan does that too. It's the easiest nap time of the day!