Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010 Beware of super long post

Here are some pics from our recent trip to Hays, Kansas for Easter. I was born in Hays and lived there until I was 6. I don't have tons of memories from Kansas, but almost all of them are centered around the home of my grandparents, or to Rylan Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Gene. They are two of the most wonderful people in this entire world. Maya Angelou, Nelson Mandela, and the Pope himself don't hold a candle to these two in my eyes.

Anyway, we headed out Thursday night and arrived Friday afternoon for 3 days of cousins, aunts, uncles and lots of food. My waistline is already expanding due to Shim II taking up residence there, but the Easter food helped it tenfold. Poor Rylan is teething again and this one is a real problem tooth, apparently. He was not himself for the first couple days. Sad tummy, didn't want to eat, lots of fit throwing. He was more himself by Sunday afternoon. Right in time for most of our relative to leave. Oh, well.

I'm sorry to my family that I have few pictures involving anyone but Rylan. I took hundreds, its just that we were borrowing a camera because ours broke and I didn't learn how to use it and the first 110 or so look like this:

Even blurry, you will notice that Rylan is in the center. He's kind of an attention hog.

Easter Eve dinner ended with a spectacular egg hunt (Rylan's 3rd). Once again,
Rylan got an egg in each hand and considered his job done. Such annoying parents
expected him to put them in his "basket" (wal-mart bag) and move on to more eggs.
Maybe there are some in the tree. Check out my abs.
No, Dad, I have my two and I'm good.
Trying to give Mary and Joseph an egg or two.

These are my precious, wonderful, lovely grandparents. Rylan
was so excited about sitting with them he's clapping.
Still clapping

Ry also got an Easter basket from Aunt Ruth. He chose to put it
around his head. Not necessarily normal.
And some animal crackers and goldfish, which turned into awesome car food the next day
AND....he got a Peter Cottontail book and yummies from Grammy
Thank you Aunt Ruth for my school bus!!!!
The calm before the storm during the LONG trip home
The dad gum Easter bunny had a basket sitting in the house for Ry when we got home! Apparently Easter Bunny's helper didn't remember the basket when she packed for the trip. She remembered 100 other useless things that we never used, so that's good.
A tamborine, water ball for our pool and more bubbles.
Every kid needs endless amounts of bubbles.

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