Friday, March 6, 2009

Who knew?

Who knew a 3-month old could be this much fun. If I could freeze Rylan at this age for the next six months, I would. He is so super cute and fun. And he still wants to be held, which I hear goes away before I know it.

We've both been around kids our whole lives. We've got neices and nephews, both baby-sat, and I've worked with at the Children's Hopsital since I was 21. But, we've never experienced that feeling that your child might just be the cutest, smartest, and sweetest baby on earth. I always think he's the only baby that does this or that, then I go to work at the hospital and I notice babies doing the same thing and I'm reminded that mine is just a normal kid.  For instance, Rylan is a bit of a stretcher. You get him out of bed and he spends a good five minutes with his face contorted and all four limbs in different stretching poses.  I thought he was the only one that did this.  I actually asked Rob "do you think he gets the stretching from me?"  What happens when you are a first time parent?  All logic goes out the window, that's what. 

So, here's some pics of our super tall, super cute, super sassy, happy, hungry, sack of love at 3 months. Its been a fabulous month (minus another cold and a stomach flu for all, but compared to that hospital stint, we're doing just fine!). 

With all his jungle friends

A sleepy frog

Not 100% loving tummy time

Oh, by the way I can stand now

Business casual day at the office

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