Monday, March 23, 2009

Top 'o' the mornin' to ya

Poor Rylan. Before he was here his mom used to buy outfits and hats for the dogs.  The dogs would fight tooth and nail to get away from the Costume Lady.  As much as they don't care for the attention that is given the baby, I'm sure they were grateful to give this bit of attention to Rylan.  So, now Rylan is the holiday superstar. He had a santa hat, reindeer outfit and a Christmas present t-shirt for Christmas, he'll have bunny ears on Easter and for St. Pats, we got this cute little leprechaun. 

A friend of my sister has a blog and she commented on her Christmas blog that everything seems so much more important now that the baby is here. From decorating a tree to ringing in the new year to that first road trip to Grammy and Papa's. I feel the same way. Maybe its selfish because Rylan won't remember his first tree, his Valentine's presents, his color coordinated outfits to match his eyes, but Rob and I will. So, even though my poor boy looks like the poster boy for Costume City, his dad and I will remember this first year of his life and know that we savored every moment.

To close I'll add some pics of yester year, before Rylan, when the dogs were still subject to my holiday dressup fascination.

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