Sunday, March 15, 2009

Road Trip

The Qualls fam packed up and headed north for a much needed weekend getaway to see Papa and Grammy Rohr. Tammy and Angie and Angie's kids met us there.It was wonderful. Lots of games, family time, and a tiny bit of bargain shopping for the girls. Fishing for the boys.
Ry's grammy and cousin Zoe

The last time they saw Rylan, he was a little baby in the hospital. Less than two months later, they barely recognized the tall, spunky, 17lb (that's right, I said 17lbs) doll that we brought with us. Rylan has shot up to 26 inches. All 0-3 month clothing has been put away and we are, sadly, putting some 3-6 month clothing away already. It would seem that Ry is trying to be eye-to-eye with his daddy by his 2nd birthday!
Anthony is such a good cousin
I am fully aware that I'm about to sound like a dope. But, nobody warns you about how sad it is to put baby clothes away. All the little pants and shirts and onesies. I look at each one and an immediate memory of something cute he did in that outfit comes to me. I totally miss his little puppy dog onesie he wore at the hospital. And last weekend, I realized his baby-khaki pants were ending somewhere near his kneecaps. Those little khaki pants were so sweet on my little bumkin! Oh, the sadness!!!

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