Friday, February 20, 2009

A Handy boy

From the moment he was born, Rylan has had one constant comment, "Look at those hands!" The boy was born with the hands of a 5 month old. And we have been amused by those hands ever since. You see, when a newborn does the most normal things with gigantic hands, its instant entertainment. From day one, his hands were always in motion, even during slumber. Sometimes they covered the pacifier in his mouth to thwart evil pacey-thiefs, sometimes he moved them about in an interpretive dance sort of way, sometimes they stopped in fists next to his face and he looked like he was going to take off in a a kangaroo hop. Mostly he just has three out ready to grab in manner of a T-Rex.

Now, at 12-13 weeks, Rylan has discovered his own hands. Like Monty Python and the Holy Grail, this is one awesome discovery. They are a source of soothing, they are cool to look at, and they can grab mom's hair better than ever. I always thought I would not encourage thumb sucking, but I never knew how cute a 3 month old thumb sucking was!!!!! How can you discourage that amount of cuteness?
Here are some of our very favorite

Can't face the world

Thinking real hard

"Don't take my pacey, fool"

Contemplating the national deficit

Ready to cha cha cha

I need to ask a question

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