Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy V-day

Last weekend I realized that between going back to work (even though its part-time), Ry's hospital visit, and my own bout with a cold that will not go away, I've gotten myself completely exhausted. I always heard new moms talk about not having time to eat, clean, sleep, take time for themselves, exercise. I thought it was hogwash and commented on how there is 24 good hours in a day, use them well. Eat your words, why don'tcha, Sara? Even with offers of help from friends, offers to buy me a massage from Rob, I felt like I should be doing it all and kept pushing myself. I'm gonna quit doing that. I had me a nice massage yesterday (although the massage therapist was a little chatty for the relaxing aspect) and then now I'll get my Valentine's date and take someone up on the babysitting offer.

I have a coworker that takes Valentine's Day and her anniversary off to prepare for her evening. I think there are delicious meals, rose petals strewn, and many other things in the mix. This Valentine's Day, I got to pick where we went. I'm not as fancy as my coworker. I think my prep will be buying some new tights and using blush on my cheeks. Rob's mom and grandma are coming for a visit and have offered to watch the bebe' while we go on a date. I am so excited. After visiting many restaurants websites for menus, calling a few places I have made my decision. MAMA WANTS TO DRINK! So, we are going to a semi-classy place on the Rivermarket, then barhopping. I might just go to one bar and hop in place, but I will be barhopping. I might even belly up to the pool table and pretend I can play. All I know is that I am thankful that I picked Rob to be my partner in this life and I'm going to celebrate it tomorrow night.

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