Thursday, February 5, 2009

Life is good

Rylan is so much better after his Ultimate Cagefight with RSV. Its been 2 weeks since we left the hospital and he was given a clean bill of health last Thursday. No more updrafts four times a day, a clear chest x-ray, the bulb syringe and saline squirts have been put back in the drawer. He is back to telling us off for not standing by his bed with a bottle and new diaper while he's sleeping. He smiles have increased tenfold. Rob and I are eternally grateful to our parents and friends that helped us through this mess. My mom and dad rushed here to be with us at the hospital. They cleaned our house, got us groceries, made us meals and provided much needed support to two scared new parents. When he got home, he still needed one-on-one attention. Rob's parents and some of my friends have kept him so that Rob and I could go back to work.

I was able to talk my little GI-Lab to let me be part-time. I now work Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for eight hour shifts. I love my new schedule. Work Monday, get a day off immediately. Work a couple more days, every weekend is a three day weekend. I had returned to work for three days when Rylan got sick. In total, I have missed 16 weeks between bedrest, maternity leave, and illness. Even though I oculdn't help any of these things, I think it'll be awhile before I ask for vacation time.

Here's the pudding pop getting an updraft like a pro. Well, a pro would probably have the mask over his mouth AND nose, but let's not get into details.

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