Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 in review

This has been quite a year. This time last year, we were getting ready to go to Disney for a week. To say the New Year started off right is an understatement. Despite Florida being about 30 degrees in temps lower than it had promised us, we had the best time. They say kids don't remember things so young and its a waste to take them on such an expensive trip so early, but a full year later, I laid in bed last night and Max (who was three at the time) told me all the characters he met at Disney, including Stitch, who "wasn't nice to my brudder."

Later in January, Rob and the kids got baptized. This was an amazing thing for me to watch. We, as a family joined Sardis Methodist Church. That church was an amazing part of our family for a year and a half. Many good things happened to our family because of that church.

In June we found out about a job opening in a town we've always wanted to move to, Fayetteville, AR. Rob and I have sisters in Fayetteville, and best friends and all the kid's cousins are here. We found out July 13 he got the job and we decided it was best to get moved before it was time for Rylan to start kindergarten. Our house got repainted, refloored, re-bathroom-tubbed, cleaned, patched, and power washed in 3 weeks time. We moved August 11. We left our home and friends and church and moved on to a smaller town, a lot of family and a lot of new experiences. 

 Like Razorback games

New schools

We don't regret our decision. We are finally in a town we can see ourselves staying long term. We always felt a little unsettled in Little Rock. I love how close I am to EVERYTHING. I used to take a cooler with me to playdates so that we could go to the grocery store before the playdate and keep our stuff chilled, because we lived far away from a good grocery store and playdates. Now I can zip over to the mall in 10 minutes. Walmart is a short walk away. The gym, a few more steps than Walmart. It takes Rob 5 minutes to get to work vs 45 at our old home. We have my sister over every Tuesday night for dinner and Max and I stop by my sister's store to shoot the breeze on our days off. There are so many positives.

It hasn't been all rainbows and daisies.
1. I've already started and quit a job. In four months time. Its a long story involving me not standing up for myself, a group of people that could be the cast of the movie Mean Girls RNs and a lot of self awareness. I have learned from the situation and will not let that stuff happen again. 

2. We've already had to change schools for Max.  The first school was too expensive, too haphazard, too slow at everything and it took forever to drop him off and pick him up. Plus the new one is two seconds from Rylan's school.

3. For the first time in our marriage, Rob and I are seriously pinching pennies. We've always been frugal. That was more out of choice so that I could stay home with the kids more. But, we always were okay. If it was time to buy Christmas presents, I'd pick up hours at work, if we had a vacation planned, I'd pick up hours at work. Our house has been on the market since August. We are currently paying a mortgage and utilities on it and rent and utilities for our townhouse. Preschool is almost double what is was at Sardis, our van has needed new tires and broken down once, and when I had a job (until this past Monday) it paid less than my old job. We've made huge changes to facilitate having more change in our pockets. Bye bye satellite, bye bye ABC Mouse, bye bye going out to eat 2-3 times a week, bye bye planned trips back to Little Rock for a visit, bye bye big Christmases.  We are fine, just needed to make some adjustments and such to get through a stressful time. 

I didn't really make resolutions last year. I wanted to take better care of myself and get better organized. I did half that. I'm ten pounds down (should have been more, but at least its not 10 pounds up!) but I am the opposite of organized. 

Its so cliche' to do resolutions, but without a list of goals, how do you achieve them? Resolutions blog coming soon...........................

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