Sunday, November 9, 2014

Halloween in our new hood

This might make us sound all kinds of weird, but we've technically never taken the kids trick or treating. The neighborhood was full of houses on large lots that were very far apart.  Trick or Treating in our own neighborhood wasn't very easy. We could have driven into Little Rock or over to East End to another neighborhood, but a  local church threw a HUGE fall festival on Halloween. The kids always had so much fun and racked up so much candy that we would just take them there. They'd ride ponies, jump in bounce houses, play games and come home with bags of candy. When we got home, we'd go across the street to our favorite neighbor's house and do our treating. It worked best for us at the time, but this year, it was time to do some real trick or treating.

A Shark and The Dark Knight

First we hit up 50cent corndog day at Sonic. Then we hit up the neighborhood behind our townhouse. I love that neighborhood. If we are ever able to swing a house there, I will be a lucky girl. Its full of streets that all end in Oaks. Twelve, East, Golden. All kinds of oaks. And they all had lots of candy. The kids had the best time. Per his usual, Max ran 90 miles an hour for about an hour and then he nearly fell over tired. 

I love the memories we are making here. I love the ages the kids are right now. It makes life very fun.

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