Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 resolutions

Resolutions are so cliche, but so needed. 

1.Read 2 books a month

2.Read my kids 1000 books or chapters of a chapter book. 

3.Walk,run,bike,elliptical,stairstep, or crawl 1007.5 miles. (That's a weird number, but I have a friend doing the other 1007.5 to make 2015!)

3.Spend time with God every day. I started a prayer journal a few days before the new year. A friend on Facebook said she started one and loved rereading her prayers and realizing the ones that had been answered. So far, I've really enjoyed getting up early and reading a few chapters in the Bible, a chapter in a Christian book and some peace. At night I write in my prayer journal for a few minutes. In all, I've added about twenty minutes of "work" and a whole lot of peace to my mind.

4.GET ORGANIZED!!!!! Bills, closets, to do lists, calendars! I need it all put in order. t

5. Spend more time with my kids. #2 is helping with this, but put down the phone and computer, turn off the tv and get to it: roll the playdough, teach to cook, do floor puzzles, run and play at the park.

Some of these goals are lofty, some are easy, all are needed. I have a HUGE one I'm not putting on the blog yet. I have a history of blogging about my plans and then failing miserably. And letting myself down and getting DOWN in the dumps. To ward off evil spirits, I'm gonna hold off on putting it in writing. Its a goal involving my quest to get fit.

6. You'll see there is no weight loss mentioned here. I have found since I started lifting weights, and moving more and eating on a plan, that the weight came off without me realizing it. I don't even know what my weight goal is, or if I have one anymore. For my arthritic feet and gangster knee's sake, I want to lose weight so that they aren't in so much pain. But, my focus is on being more active, faster, and lifting heavier weights. I started riding the bike at the gym and can do average of 4.2 miles in 20 minutes. I'm trying to do 5 miles in 20 minutes. I started doing the stair stepper and its an evil bitch. I can do 13 minutes so far, I'm trying to work up to 20 minutes. I recently did my first Body Pump class. I can't sit on the toilet without wanting to cry after all the squats with a weight on my shoulder. My goal is to do that class and not hurt after. I'm currently wogging a 12-13 minute mile. I'd like to get that to around an 11 minute mile. After I hit all these goals, I'll make new ones.

I'm so excited for this year. A large weight was lifted when we moved here from Little Rock. A large one was lifted last week when I decided to no longer work at a place that brought so much negativity to my life. I have never started a year feeling so fresh and excited about what was to come.

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