Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Max's 4th Birthday

I don't even know how its possible that Max is 4. In honor of his bday, this post is all about Max. 

Max was our second child in 2 years. We were overwhelmed to say the very least when he was born. At the same time, I think Rob and I were way more chill with Max. He benefited from our knowledge of what didn't work for Rylan (bless Rylan's heart). We knew that it would all be okay, that he would sleep eventually, that letting him cry for a minute wouldn't kill him and we were overall more calm about the situation. 

When he was a tiny baby he puked all the dang time. All the time, but he didn't cry about it. He just puked and then went about being cute. That was our first sign of our very go with the flow kid. Every day of Max's life is his new best day. He is easy to please and very rarely complains. He will shop with me, eat lunch with my girlfriends, yesterday he played in an empty jacuzzi at my sister's Pool and Spa Store for an hour. I love his chill nature.

That being said, Max is nuts. He is easy to please and overall happy, but ZOMG the kid does not stop moving until he passes out! He is a jumping, running, air guitar playing, spinning, chatting machine!!! If I could have 1/10th of his energy, I'd weigh 110, tops. He is still working on sleeping in a bed and bedtime is a little.......not fun at times. I've decided naps are no longer our friends if we'd like our kid in bed sleeping before 10pm. 

Kid loves corn. A lot.

 Our last trip to the zoo. I don't know many kids that love animals more than Max. 
He told me the other day I was his best friend. He has a sweet heart.

I don't lie, he will play at Toys R Us for an hour and be fine leaving with no toys. Perfectly happy picking everything up and playing and then putting it back.

He's nuts I tell you

He goes until he passes out, quite literally

He could play in the sand forever. This is a sand volleyball court near our new place in Fayetteville. Its his favorite.

Mastering the duckface

I posted this pic on Facebook recently. All the kids were having the best time swimming and Max was giddy about just hanging in this bucket meant for foot washing before getting in the pool.  
Someone mentioned him being my challenging child. He has his moments of having fits, being overtired and hitting or being a mess, but for the most part, aside from his constant ear infections and need for multiple allergy meds and a special diet, I've had a cakewalk with Max. I literally potty trained him in, like 4 hours. He is happy no matter what. He has the forgiving nature of a puppy dog. He has been so good about the fact that he can't have milk due to his allergies and tummy problems. He asks me dutifully, "mom? does this have cow's milk in it?" He randomly thanks me for things that most people wouldn't be thankful for "thanks mama, for taking me to preschool." "thank you for letting me feed the ducks at the pond, mommy." 

So big!

And so crazy

He was placed in his preschool in the "Wild Class" and last week was the "Wild Child of the Week". I've never heard a better phrase describe my kid. 

He's perfect in our eyes. 

Happy Birthday, love bug. You are so loved.

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