Monday, October 6, 2014

But first lemme take a selfie

Oh selfies. It used to be me and my college friends turning the phone around on ourselves and not knowing the outcome till Wal Mart developed the prints. And that maybe happened once every six months. Now we have the power to take pics of ourselves 24/7. I love watching people's transformations on Instagram and they are forever posting gym selfies and progress pics and I'm like "yep, I'm gonna inspire some too someday." So I do a few selfies. Plus I joined an online weight loss challenge where you check in with selfies, so, its not vanity, but me trying to not get kicked off the challenge. I get done with a workout, feeling all eye of the tiger and think, time to have proof I worked out (because actually losing weight isn't proof enough in our world of technology).  But then I look at my phone and....just no.
Fake smile, ten things in my hands, tshirt that I cut the sleeves off which is semi douchy, but makes it comfy

Not looking at the camera. And pushing the button with the other hand. If can't even motor function a selfie really.

Wait, let me fix this one

Sara have you seen the light? Your camera has.

Sometimes I forget I didn't even brush my hair before I take a selfie.

I don't really "do" faces all that well. I'm wondering the story behind this one. Can't be that bad of a day. That's my bacon shirt (which I'm wearing currently). Bacon shirt helps a bad day.

Even when the rest of me looks ok, the lighting is great and the backdrop is fab, I still can't muster the strength to put that chunk of hair in the clippie.

Sometimes selfies prove your overindulgence in whipped cream vodka at a tailgate.

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