Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Rylan in kindergarten

And then, my first born, the boy that originally inspired this blog, was a kindergartner. In a way I feel like we've been through so many more than five+ years in the last five years with illnesses, therapy, playgroups, moves, and more. At the same time, I feel like I blinked and this:

Turned into This:
Really fast

Yes, his favorite song is Turn Down For What by Lil Jon. What? I never nominated myself for mother of the year. I do have two kids that can dance like WHOA though! And one that can do Tommy Likey on command and the other shouts "the new phonebook is here, the new phonebook is here!" like on The Jerk. sooooo....Our work here is done. Seriously, how cute is it that he wants to be a toymaker. That is so much more doable than last year's Spiderman wish. Also, the fact that his favorite food is yogurt and he can't eat dairy and he thinks that dairy free yogurt is the beez kneez is proof that he is a cool kid fo sho.

When I came to Fayetteville to find us a place, I purposely found a place in a certain school zone, because that's the school I was told would be good for Rylan. Since he was 3, Ry has had some form of therapy. He's done Speech, Occupational, and Developmental. In May I found out, he'd graduated from speech, Developmental isn't offered past Pre-k and Occupational isn't given if he doesn't qualify for speech or Physical Therapy. They basically said "goodbye and good luck." So, I was hoping for a school that would help ease the transition of full-on school with no therapies. I had heard this one would do it.

We were set to move on a Monday. On the Friday before our move, I found out Rylan was on a waiting list for that school. They had just forgetten to tell me about this. Good news, he was #2. Bad news, no idea where he would go if he didn't get in this school. Chances were big that he might be put at a school quite a distance from our townhouse. You know, the one I purposely picked out because it was in this school's zone. 

We moved on a Monday. On Tuesday we found out at 1pm that he was going to a different school. And, oh by the way, we needed to be at parent night that same evening at 6pm. mmmmkay. We got lucky. The new school is MAYBE one mile further away than the zoned school, just a different direction. Rob and I went to parent night while the kids played at Rob's sister's house with their cousins (shout out to living in a town with family!) and met his teacher.

She's a seasoned teacher with 20 years under her belt. She insists on "yes ma'am" and "no ma'am". She says she is hardcore for the first 6 weeks so that the kids know the rules and the year goes better. A no nonsense teacher that isn't a pushover and has worked for 20 years with kids Rylan's age for our son that thinks fits are going to fix all his problems and needs someone that will help him ease his transition from having 3 therapies? Yeah, sign us up for that.

Then the original school called and told us Rylan had a spot. We went on a wing and a prayer and decided to stay at the overflowed school. We had a gut feeling about the teacher, and the school was recently renovated and looked nicer and was on a wayyyyyy less busy road, which would make drop off/pickup less of a headache. 

He's done pretty good. Rylan is a precious little thing. He loves to make friends and make people happy. He has a good heart. He is also a bit emotional (he gets that from Rob, just kidding), so things hurt his feelings that other kids would just brush off. Yesterday he was so upset because kids called him "Rylee" all day. He's working through things. I have every belief that he'll do just fine.

I am amazed daily at how much his knowledge and abilities have grown in the last month. His pencil grip that he struggled with so much in therapy is so much better. He is recognizing letters like crazy, something I worried about big time. I have worried so much and tried so hard not to put his abilities next to other kid's. It seems like now he is catching up. And doing it fast. He has started picking out books at the library that have no pictures and just listens intently while I read. He sits and draws and colors pictures, something I have NEVER had with these two rambunctious boys!  

And last Friday? He had a Sock Hop! Is he a teeanager in the 60's? I mean, it was a Superhero Sock Hop and he did wear a full on Iron Man outfit, and he did call it a "Stock Hop" and we didn't correct him, so he's not aging too fast, but stilllllll. He isn't a baby anymore.  

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