Monday, September 22, 2014

Fayetteville Life

We arrived in Fayetteville August 11, 2014. This is a dream we've always had. I pinch myself sometimes and other times I have to remind myself that we actually live here. Yesterday I was driving through town and had this feeling "its Sunday, time to head home" when I remembered home is 5 miles away.

We've been having a blast living in Fayetteville. I joined a gym that has an awesome Chick-fil-A type playground and 3 tvs for the kids, so we've been going there quite a bit. Fayetteville has waayyyyyy too many good restaurants that we've been enjoying so the scale hasn't quite moved as much as it should based on my gym schedule. We are getting accustomed to townhouse living. It is not much smaller than our old house, just placed differently, lots of narrow rooms, very steep stairs and a very small patio in the back, rather than a 1/2 acre lot. The fact is, this place is amazing when you compare it to apartment living, which we truly considered. Also, we aren't tied to a mortgage, which is heavenly considering that fabulous house we just flipped that no one has bought yet. Let me know if you need a house just outside Little Rock!!!!!

Tiny porch=Tiny trampoline

A park less than a mile from our house has a huge sandbox

My first gym selfie

I had almost two months off of work, this guy and I had lots of time together

He is so normal

 This is our nephew Wil. We are so happy we get to just call our family and eat pizza on a Friday now. Rylan thinks he needs a family or friend at our house daily now.
 I've perfected pouched eggs. I know that's random, but it needed to be documented. 

This is an awesome Fayetteville thing. A retro arcade. You pay $5 at the door and get to stay as long as you want. They have all the old machines: Pac Man, Tetris, Frogger, Hockey table

I'm ready for slightly cooler temps so I can walk my kid to the park and back without sweaty red face. 
Rylan joined the Boys and Girls Club for after school care. He hates it. Just kidding.

And, most importantly, our kids have been to their first tailgate.  All is well

After a month and a half being home 24/7, I went back to work. Don't mind my allergy eyes here, but I got a job in adult GI. Its at a center, not a hospital. Its all new to me. New people, new center, adults not kids, but so far so good. The biggest perk is that they pay me. I like getting paid. Being home was so fun, but being in this brand new town with all my friends and family and stores and restaurants being so close? I was spending money EVERY day I was home. That didn't happen when I lived in the sticks. 

We're having a blast

We do and will always miss our people from MOPS and our other playgroup and our church. We spent so much time worrying about not living in Fayetteville, it took us leaving East End/Little Rock to realize how many people we actually already had. I am trying hard to find our niche. We have joined a MOPS here, though we've already missed the first meeting, so we suck at it so far. I have two of my besty friends here, but one is moving and one is about an hours drive, so I need to find my own people.  I am loud and chatty when I get to know you, but I am actually quite shy to start with. Work is.....let's just say I hate being the new kid. I worked at Arkansas Children's Hospital for 13 years. I was only NEW twice in that time. I hated it both times. I don't have a very thick skin and feeling dumb isn't something I do very well. And I feel dumb right now.

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