Monday, February 3, 2014

Christmas 2013

I don't care if it is February 3!!! Tardy to the party, still at the party!

Sorry about the quality of the next couple of pics, but they had to be included nonetheleass. Rylan was Joseph at our church's nativity play. It was all preshy presh until Joseph and Mary fought over the baby Jesus and then Joseph and a cow fought over the 3 Wisemen's gifts. Kids.

Max was a sheep. A sad sheep. Somber. At one point he pulled cotton off his outfit and wiped his nose. 

Jesus and Mary, very serious biz

Max and the other sheep got tired. The other one passed out on stage. 

Rob's mom and dad, sister and her family, niece and her husband and his aunt all met us at church to see this and then we went to our house to open gifts.
My mother in law speaks fluently in Hallmark ornaments. She found out I liked this one from the catelog and got it for me. It plays Holiday Road by Lyndsey Buckingham. Its my favorite.

There MIGHT have been 3 boxes of wine and I MIGHT have had my first weekend
 off call in a long long time.

Our niece Marley trying out her hair markers on Rylan

Marley and Max nannering it

Rob had to work on Christmas Eve. Whomp Whomp Whomp. So, the boys and I went to the local elementary school. Until Max went down a slide that was damp and I thought he peed his pants. 

On Christmas day, things were kind of anti-climactic. We had already had Christmas with Rob's family and they had already left. We skimped on presents because we were about to go to Disney, so present opening took 4 seconds.
 My side of the family was doing Christmas on New Years Day, right before leaving for Disney.  The boys wanted to show Rob the playground from the day before so we went and took their bikes and ate whatever food we had left from the weekend of visitors. 
We cuddled on the couch and watched The Christmas Story so many times we got hungry for Chinese food! So we went to Fantastic China for our Christmas dinner. Fararara-ra ra ra ra

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