Monday, January 20, 2014

December in a nutshell

We had a great December.  School was closed a lot, there was a lot of ice and I got canceled at work a lot. So, we are poor but have great memories!
We love the new Children's Library in Little Rock. Has so much for the kids. This day we just simply wanted some Christmas books and stumbled on a class called Music and Movement. Lord knows a mommy loves it when other people get your kids laughing and dancing and expending pent up energy. We packed a lunch this days and ate out by their gardens. We've been back twice since and my kids expect a picnic. I set myself up for such failure.

We met Santa at MOPS and the kids were looking all kinds of dapper. Max asked Santa for a real donkey and Santa told him he could fit one in the sleigh. Um, Santa? A little help.

I decorated and Max fished off the porch.

Then the ice hit. And we were in the house for days on end. My friend Jacki needed to work to save lives at the hospital, so we took care of her littles.


One day I took Max by himself to the Wonder Place. It was so fun. My kids are so very different. Rylan seeks playmates and wants someone watching him always. He is more into superheroes and stuff like that. Max could play alone forever. He loves stuff like cars and trains and animals. It was nice to be able to cater to one child for a day. I hope to do it soon with just Rylan.

And then we went to a very fun birthday/nursing school graduation party. Um, how can a hospital/Minion party NOT be fun? Megan just graduated from nursing school and her daughter, Jenson turned 3. We go to church with them and Max and Jenson go to school together. We are in the same Sunday school class as Megan and her husband: The Young Marrieds. Only problem? Rob and I are the old farts of the young marrieds. Like, by at least 10 years.
Megan went to town on some Pinterest
I mean, come the freak on, how cute is this?  Future reference, put a shiz load of bandaids out and have someone put bandaids on kids and you will be the best party host evah. Kids dig bandaids. My kids thought Megan's dad hung the moon.


A fun little 3 year old game where the kids had a timer and had to put on as many socks as they could in that timer. That's Jenson's dad/Megan's husband holding Max. Who put the socks on his hands and then got sad that he couldn't motor function more socks......sigh.....
Megan and Jenson.

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