Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A good weekend and Get Your S*@t Together September

Ahhhh......its the most special time of the year. Time for the Qualls fam to spend copius amounts of time in the car going to Fayetteville, our future hometown, to be major Razorback fans.  This weekend was the first game. With a new coach and a new outlook on our team, we decided to attend the first game, one we usually skip. And by attend, I mean Rob attends and I tailgate only. I don't really have the attention span to make the ticket price worthwhile. Its pitiful.

It really is a damn shame that on the way there, the compressor went out in our van, in 104 degree heat and we have no AC. Its hot, damn hot. Gave the weekend shotty start. Good thing we ended up at the Chateau Tramont, home of two of my sisters, a brother in law and my neice and nephew. Basically most of my kids favorite people under one roof.

My pre-tailgating, pre-humity, pre-hottest day of the year fixed hair and face. Mama got some alone time with a makeup bag and chi iron. I looked presentable!

At this point we were 4 hours in and we were starting to boil. I was ticked at myself for that extra hairsprayed do that wouldn't go into a presentable ponytail. Next time, skip the chi iron and go hat.

The grill meisters.

Afterwards, I straight up stripped down to a tank top in the car

Meanwhile, back at my sister's house. Angie babysat while I got to sit and sweat on myself. It was the most fun sweating I've done in a while!
To be young and not feel heat.

After jumping, there was helmet wearing

On Sunday, we met up with Rob's sister and her kids and went bowling. So fun. I love to bowl. I will update this post once I get the pics off Rob's phone. Kid's first time to bowl. So so so fun. 
A good time had by all!

And now for Get Your S*@t together September. One of the blogs I stalk read, written by Amber, Crafty Healthy Mommy, is coming down off a bad September. She's lost a bijillion pounds and had a bad month. I'm jealous she had a bad month. Like one bad month.  I've had a bad half month for like 4 years. I do half good and half pretty bad each month which has equaled me being 40lbs overweight and the scale not budging. She's had a come to Jesus and is getting her shit together in September. I like her style. I'm gonna get my shit together too. No half month good/half month bad. No more undoing all the good the recent cleanse did. No more having one cheat meal turn into 4 cheat meals. No more no more no more. Thank you, Amber, for the motivation. 


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