Sunday, August 11, 2013

Max and Wheat: A story about true love

I never updated on the situation in Max's belly. And I know, inquiring minds want to know.

Max was taken off wheat In June. Max has had reflux his whole life.  It might or might not be the reason he has recurrent ear infections (refluxing so high it gets in his ear canals). So, after an all clear EGD, an all clear Upper GI (swallowing barium and looking at his innards while he was sadly strapped to a table, we both needed valium after THAT), and an all clear on testing for Celiac Disease, the doc wanted to try certain foods out of his diet that can cause reflux.

The first two are dairy and wheat. He'd been off dairy for a year. So, next was wheat. Life off of dairy and wheat is tough. Planning is tough. Eating out is tough. Snacking is tough. Grocery bills are high. Taste is low.

Well, 3.5 weeks off of wheat, Max audibly refluxed ALL. DAY. LONG. Either you could hear him swallowing fluid nowhere near a drink or food, or he had painful sounding hiccups. All. Day. We woke up Monday morning, fully intending to finish our 4 week plan and Rob and I both agreed that he was so much worse. PLUS, the poor baby (WARNING: I'm about to talk poo) was stopped up like never before!

We told gluten free food to SUCK IT!!!!! We gave him an Eggo waffle and a dose of Miralax and didn't hear a hiccup or reflux all day.  He then went to his Grammy and Papa's house, went straight to their Golden Grahams that he loves to eat at their house and ate maybe 7 bowls. Noodles at Chinese restaurants are back! Nutra Grain bars are back! Pancakes are back! Soy sauce is back! Max is happy!

 I feel like, after we saw the GI doc and he put M-train on twice a day reflux meds at a higher dose that he was probably the best he'd been in a year, reflux wise. He had gained weight and grown 3 inches. But when he got another ear infection, we decided that it was best for Max to rule out the option that it was wheat related.  I talked to the doc, since I just so happen to work in the GI department, when I choose to be a nurse that makes money, not a poor stay at home mom, and he agreed that we would know by now if wheat was the culprit. Basically, he said I was a genius. That's what I heard, anyway.

Because his reflux got worse, we've tried to decide what he could have possibly had MORE of during his time off wheat that would have triggered it. All I could think of was nuts. It was an easy snack to give him a baggie of almonds or peanuts, or a rice cake with peanut butter, or granola bars with nuts in them. Our next venture is giving Max a ton of nuts over a few days and seeing if it causes reflux. He'll be in heaven. Unless it turns out that this gives him reflux, then he'll hiccup for a day and never eat a nut again. I hate reflux.

 We love that little dairy free/wheat included kid so much and want the very very very best for him.

***I have a list of restaurants and what to order that I made from our dairy free/gluten free time if anyone wants it, let me know and I'll email it to you.

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