Thursday, August 8, 2013

My kids rock my face off

Wow. We have had a rockstar week. Last week, we didn't leave the house all three days I was off and we had a pretty low key weekend as well.

We made up for it.

Like, a lot......
Sunday, I wanted to look at fabric at Jo-Anns because I'm trying to give our ugly table a face lift and the chair cushions are the worst offenders. Max and I had a Mommy and me outing. He came with me and acted like an angel while I fretted over fabric and eventually left empty handed. I swear, naming my kids was easier than picking out cushion fabric.He was so good, he deserved a trip to the train table at Barnes and Noble. I would say free fun, howeva, mama got a hankering for a coffee and my pick was almost $5. 
Nicely done, Sara.

Monday, we hosted Zac, a friend from MOPS. Zac is in the top 5 funniest people I've ever met. He loves doing pretty much any activity, any action figure, and Disney princesses. The kids were playing in water. Mud got involved after this shot. The water hose took care of the ick soon after.
 They played for a solid 5 hours.

Wish I had pics of Tuesday. We went to story time with my friend Jacki and her kids. After story time, we went to Chick fil A and let the kids play while we chatted. Our kids acted like prize children and had so much fun together. They just moved back from Virginia and we are so glad they are here. 

Because story time and CFA wasn't enough, I decided to chance all chances and run errands with my kids at naptime. Shoe Carnival, Jo-Anns (its really becoming a sickness at this point), and Hobby Lobby (yep, just in case they had magical fabric that called my name). They. Were. So. Good.
 I did buy them facepaint AND Skittles. It might have helped.

Wednesday we were feeling really magical, so we went to the park with our MOPS group. The heat index was 103 by 11am, so it was really cozy PLUS I didn't pack us anything to take to said PICNIC. So, we came, sweated, and left and went to McDonalds. CFA and McDonalds? 
We are obviously not cleansing this week! 

When we got home, GRAMMY AND PAPA CAME!!!!

And we took them to the Museum of Discovery. We had the best time. The last time I bought a membership, Max was 1 and Rylan was 3. They liked it, so did I, but it was always a little crazy. Now at almost 3 and 5 (I just threw up a little) they are so much more in to the exhibits. 
It helped that there was not many people there.

Obviously their life sucks sooooooo bad. 

Being a stay at home is hard. Its awesome but its hard. There are days when either me or Rob ask "why don't you just go back to work?" This blog post. This is why. Because I have two kids that will be young ONE time in their lives. And they are good kids. And we have worked like demons to be able to afford life on one income and getting a week where all we do is party like rockstars and go to parks and museums and have friends over and host family mid-week is our reward. Well, my reward. Sucks being Rob. So why not stay home if I can? Cause for every "your a bad mommy" I get a "mommy will you snuggle me?" 10 times over. 

No I need to clean the house and do the laundry I neglected and catch up with Rylan's therapy and get back to regular stay at home mom crap. Oh, and work tomorrow to pay for all the Chick Fil A and McDonalds and Museum memberships and such.

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