Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ry's Bday!

Around the time of Rylan's birthday, life became........very full. I felt very blessed because we were running our tails off, but it was a good kind of stressed. Lots of birthday plans, lots of playdates with friends, and lots of therapy appointments. Blogging had to go bye bye for a bit. I feel terrible, because I didn't blog on Rylan's birthday. I've never skipped a birthday. I am sure he's noticed.

I have a giganticly annoying minor case of OCD that isn't the kind that results in a clean house, but results in me not being able to skip 1.3 months of blogging and just say "okay, we had a good November/December-here's January." So, we're backing up. Have Fun!!!!

We had huge plans for the weekend after Rylan's birthday, so for the day of his birthday, we went to a playdate with our playgroup and took cupcakes. Then, we made whatever Rylan wanted for dinner, which was ham and pineapple pizza and applesauce and cupcakes. Kids got good taste.

Then we opened presents. I pushed this ABC puzzle on him because he needs ABC help with his Developmental therapy. Then he got a TON of legos. He loves legos*** Loves them. Really loves them.


For both kids birthdays, we kept it semi small (read: bought way too many presents but didn't have a party) because we had a trip to Branson planned to go to Silver Dollar City and stay at a nice house and celebrate their birthdays with their cousin, Zoe, that has a birthday in between Max and Rylan's.

Here are some pics of Max (2), Rylan (4), and Zoe (6) opening presents. No chaos. None at all.

Grammy made a dairy free cake and it was delish. All of the presents were so nice and we loved our cozy house that we rented. Loved it. Stay tuned for Day 2!

***I am not emotionally ready for legos. They are so freakin small and all really wants is the little lego men.

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